"A wonderful, heart-felt, juicy course that is going to change lives." Shawnda Chambers

“This content is incredibly valuable. The course is clear, motivating and uplifting.” Stepanka Srbecky

“Wow! What a super fun course! I love it! And everyone else will, too! I like the structure. Simple, yet informative. And so many great techniques to use!” Melanie McKay








My course, Transform Like A Boss: 10 Simple + Powerful Tools to Elevate Yourself and Your Life, is oozing with love beams and soul blasts and can help you gain the insights, clarity, and direction you need to make your next chapter the greatest one yet.

If you’ve been feeling lost, stuck, off track, behind in life, disconnected from yourself, miles away from your dreams, like there must be more to life than this, or you’re ready for something epic and new but you’re not sure what to do or even where to begin… my soul-made creation will help you feel the way you truly want to feel: confident, aligned, free, abundant, clear, empowered AF, and sooo excited for what’s to come!

Bridging the gap between where you are and where you’d like to be in life, or between who’ve you’ve been and who you aspire to be, doesn’t need to be difficult, scary, or overwhelming. It can feel light, fun, exciting and inspiring! When you commit to elevating yourself each and every day, you will see your external reality shift accordingly to match your powerful, radiant, brand new vibe in no time at all.

This course will give you the simple tools you need to navigate any change like a boss, to make powerful and lasting changes in your life no matter what you’re facing at the moment or what awaits you in the future, and to design a life you truly want to live.

I designed Transform Like A Boss specifically for those who are ready to look within and cultivate their very best life from the inside out, and those who are PUMPED to create some powerful changes in their lives in the shortest amount of time. True change actually takes no time at all. All it takes is awareness and a willingness to become more of who you really are by releasing the things that just aren’t you anymore.

The 10 Transformational Tools listed below, serve to lead you back to your strength, your power, your mojo and your truth. They will awaken you to what truly matters aka the source of all greatness: your quality connection to your highest self.

“When you commit to your own evolution, you will watch every area of your life completely change. Your finances, your health, your relationships, your freedom, your peace, your love—abundance in every area of your life will show up when you let go of the habitual addiction to your old story. Invest in your growth instead of your story, do something different, and align with a new intention that will lead you back to yourself and the life you actually deserve.” Kyle Cease



This self-directed course is made up of 10 Transformational Tools, each of which contain 5 components. But first we start with…


Answering these 10 Essential Questions paves the way for the journey you’re about to embark upon. It gives you a glimpse of what truly matters to you right now and what you want to create in the future. Knowing these things ahead of time will make the rest of the course flow even more magically and beautifully for you.


Transformational Tool #1: Acing Alchemy || This tool shows you exactly how to transmute each so-called “negative” experience into personal power.

Transformational Tool #2: Gratitude || I show you how to use this ultimate superpower most effectively, and also how to use it to create your future reality.

Transformational Tool #3: Daily Pages || Daily Pages help you move through your day feeling clearer, lighter, stronger and more positive. They also help you sleep better, and fast-track your growth. This tool is the

Transformational Tool #4: Aligned Affirmations || Aligned Affirmations are way more than just thinking positive (that’s never enough), and they can change every aspect of your life, starting today.

Transformational Tool #5: Intuitive Vision Board || This kind of Vision Board actually shows you exactly where you’re heading in your next chapter and what will fulfill you the most. How incredible is that?

Transformational Tool #6: Infinite Scripting || Infinite Scripting invokes our biggest dreams that have been patiently waiting for us to truly claim them. We owe our attention and devotion to them BIG time and this tool will satisfy them all.

Transformational Tool #7: Dynamic Imagery || Dynamic Imagery is like Visualization on steroids. It’s powerful, potent and positive: the exact kind of energy that stimulates change, and the exact kind of energy I want you using when you envision and create your future.

Transformational Tool #8: The 20|20|20 Method || When you master this tool, you master your day and ultimately, your life. Your ultimate vision is worth an incredible hour of power, right?

Transformational Tool #9: Dream Interpretation || Every dream (especially recurring dreams and nightmares) holds guidance and insights to help you enrich your life, achieve your goals, heal your wounds and face your fears. This is what makes dream interpretation a valuable skill worth learning.

Transformational Tool #10: The Perfect Ten || Traditional meditation isn’t for everyone, not even me, which is why I love The Perfect Ten. You can do it anywhere, any hour of the day, and it only takes a minute of your time. Yep. Just one little minute. It also has the added bonus of training you to respond instead of react when life happens, and who wouldn’t want to train for that while waiting for the next Netflix episode to load?


Overview: I outline exactly what each tool is about and how it will benefit you to use it.

Directions: I tell you exactly how to use each tool in 5 simple steps or less.

Your Mission: I give you an epic mission for the day to apply what you’ve learned.

Boss Move: I suggest how you can supercharge each tool for maximum growth and return.

Invitation: I invite you at the end of each tool to share your revelations and elevations with me through email or on social media if you feel so inclined, or to connect with me one-on-one by phone if you’d like to discuss any of the tools further.

Transform Like A Boss: 10 Simple + Powerful Tools to Elevate Yourself and Your Life is available in 3 formats: Video, PDF and MP3. You can also connect with me one-on-one to explore any of the topics further while you’re taking the course if you’d like.

You can purchase:

  1. The TLAB Elite Package: Video + PDF + MP3 (20 MP4s + 60 Page PDF + One full-length MP3 + 20 separate MP3s)

  2. The TLAB Combo: PDF + MP3 (60 Page PDF + One full-length MP3 + 20 separate MP3s)

  3. The TLAB MP3 Series (One full-length MP3 + 20 separate MP3s)

  4. The TLAB PDF (60 Pages)



I am not an expert on anything but myself, nor am I a trained Therapist or Counsellor. I am a fellow traveller on this journey called life, and I’m sharing my personal path and what’s worked for me with the hopes it will illuminate your own path and work for you, too. This course was created for self-reflection and enjoyment, and these Transformational Tools are intended to inform, inspire and elevate your spirit. This course is in no way built to address deeper issues that may require personal and professional support. It was created for those who are currently, and generally, in sound mental and physical health. You must take full responsibility for your own healing and well-being, so if you are feeling depressed or suicidal, or if you are in intense physical pain, or if any aspect of this course feels overwhelming or triggering for you as you look within, please stop and seek the necessary help you need before you continue. Once you have a solid support network in place, you can return to this course and have some fun. But always remember, first things first. Your mental and physical health are your greatest assets in life and must be prioritized and cared for properly.



How much does this course cost? That depends on whether or not it’s on sale at the moment, and which version of the course you choose (PDF or MP3 or the PDF + MP3 Combo or the Video + PDF + MP3 Elite Package) The CLICK TO ELEVATE buttons take you straight to the shop and the current prices are listed there.

How long is the course? Since it is self-directed, it’s up to you, and since it’s yours for life once you purchase it, there’s really no rush to to get it done within a specific timeframe. If you prefer structure and a concrete end point, you can do one tool a day, a week, or a month until you’ve completed them all. Or, you could start where you're drawn and go where you're led! There is no wrong way to do this course or to do life. Go at your own pace and honour whatever resonates the most and feels the best today in this moment. Whatever you choose is perfect.

Is this course for women? This course is for all genders.

What will I need to complete this course? A journal/notebook and a pen (or online document) and materials for making your Intuitive Vision Board, unless you prefer to create it digitally.

What if I want to go deeper on a certain subject? That’s great if you do! I will be available to connect through multiple channels (click this link to see them all) if you’d like to discuss any of the tools or your revelations further.

Do you offer refunds? I do not offer refunds as this is a digital program and all the content is given to you upon purchase. If you need help deciding if this course would be right for you, you can email

Do you offer payment plans? If you are currently on disability, social assistance, or you’re in a financial jam, please contact me at and we can work out a suitable payment plan for you if you’re eager and ready for something awesome. No one will go without this kickass course just because of their current money situation. I’ve got you! xo



I’d like to share my core beliefs about personal transformation since these views inform the structure of the course. We do not need to share the same perspectives for Transform Like A Boss to be beneficial to you, but knowing how I look at things will help you to better understand why I’ve created this course as I have. In no particular order, here is what I’ve come to understand during my own process of personal, and perpetual, transformation:

1. You have the ability to change and transform yourself and your life.

2. Real and lasting change can happen in an instant.

3. You are not broken and you don’t need fixing.

4. Your natural state is light, peaceful, joyful and abundant.

5. You are an ever-evolving work in progress.

6. Your challenges in life are custom-made for you and each one serves your highest growth.

7. You are your own guru and all the answers you seek are already inside you.

8. Learning how to master your mindset and your emotional state has a greater impact on your life than anything else ever will.

9. You are responsible for your own healing, growth and happiness.

10. You are worthy and deserving of all your dreams, and you’re already good enough and have what it takes RIGHT NOW to achieve them.

So let’s get reconnected to our magnificence and magic, shall we?




To be quite honest, the 10 Transformational Tools in Transform Like A Boss are some of the many tools I’ve used in my own life while desperately trying to get from the darkness to the light, from a life of despair to a life of meaning, from anxiety to peace, from depression to vitality, from suicidal thoughts to self-loving ones, from struggle to ease, and through all the moments in between.

If anyone knows what it takes to Transform Like A Boss, it’s me.

I was sexually abused as a child by a family member. And since I was quite young, I’ve experienced repeated depressions and wanted to die more times than I can count. I was even hospitalized at one point after admitting to my high school counsellor that I wanted to take my own life. The darkness and I go way back.

My father was an alcoholic and daily drug user. My mom was depressed and suffered greatly from her own mental health issues and childhood traumas, which negatively impacted our relationship and severely limited our ability to get close to one another.

I became pregnant as a teen and raised my girl on my own. I lived below the poverty line for decades, spent many years with chronic pain, struggled with immense self-loathing, body-image issues, and binge-eating, and yet, despite all of that, I have lived, and continue to live (gratefully), a deep, rich, abundant, creative and full life because of my decision and commitment to do my inner work, as well as my ability to extract and celebrate the meaning, the lessons and the magic in absolutely everything.

We can’t become who we were destined to be without being shaped into the greatest version of ourselves through those exact situations that force us to elevate our aspirations, raise our standards and grow exponentially. This is why it’s important to embrace and honour life’s invitations to rise. Without them pushing us to expand, how can we become more?

I truly believe in the power and the value of this course because it is a natural extension of my heart, my soul, and the struggles I’ve overcome. I am delighted to guide those who aspire to create something new and beautiful in their own life, just like I did - one hour and one day at a time, year after year.

Creating this collection of Transformational Tools was a complete joy for me. It allowed me to make use of everything I’ve gone through by finding a tangible way to effectively help others going through similar transitions and transformations. Sometimes we just need someone to turn on the light for us when we’ve forgotten where our light switch is. I’ve certainly had many beautiful souls light the way for me when I didn’t know which way to turn.

And I know for certain that if I could get to where I am from where I came from, then you can do the same as well. And if I can be just one small part of your journey back to yourself and toward your dreams, that would be an incredible honour for me.

If you’re ready to reset, realign, rethink and reimagine your greatest vision for the future, I invite you to invest in yourself and your best life today through my heart-felt course, Transform Like A Boss: 10 Simple + Powerful Tools to Elevate Yourself and Your Life.

I can’t wait to co-create some magic with you.

All my love,

Mandy xo




What do those who’ve worked with Mandy and have taken her original GOD & DIVA course say about the experience? Read below.

“At the point of meeting Mandy, I had been in therapy for a few years to overcome a troubled childhood and to conquer social phobia. Stumbling across Mandy’s website was a gift from the Universe. I discovered the DIVA course while navigating the website for Queen Street Yoga. I was intrigued with Mandy instantly. I couldn’t help but keep reading all about who Mandy was. Her writings made me laugh and made me cry. Her honesty and ability to express herself was a mirror for what I truly was inspiring to do and be in my own life. I was looking for guidance to discover my authentic self and immediately felt I had found a direction. There was nothing I needed to know or do. From our first meeting to my graduating her DIVA course, I was inspired, enlightened and supported in my experience. I recommend this course to every woman who longs to be her authentic self and to be content with all that she is.” Kelly

“I see a lot of great inner changes as a result of learning about myself because of the class. The changes and improvements happened because I desired them and had the initiative, but I got that from being a part of this class. I have more strength, optimism, awareness, positivity and confidence than I’ve ever had (and I know what it’s like to have high negative amounts of all of those), so thank you!” Todd

“WOW! All I can say about this whole experience is WOW! Mandy and this class came at a time when I needed it the most. It was like the universe had my back — bringing me the confidence, support I most needed, and infusing me with the self-love I deserve. This whole experience has been a great gift - and I have a new-found confidence, new-found hope because of it. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of self-healing, honest self-reflection, and re-evaluation. Thanks to Mandy for bringing me this awesome gift xo” Anna

“The Dream Interpretation really opened my eyes and I really liked writing my ‘Future’ letter. As a result of taking this class I want to be better. Now when I’m faced with stressful situations I try to remember that these are useful challenges and opportunities for improvement. Life is full of opportunities to make it better, now I can see that. Thank you for everything.” Bassem

“I gained reassurance that I do have what it takes to push forward and that I am not being selfish while making sure that I have my security. I’ve gained confirmation of what my goals are, when I’ve been feeling confused of where I was going and why. I know that life is ever-changing and it’s nice to get reassured that it is okay to have the feelings I do and to be vulnerable. I feel humbled at being reminded of my humanity, but feel empowered to do what I need to do and of who I am and what I need to offer.” Carmen

“My life has never felt so complete and peaceful. I have tears often thinking about how much my life has changed for the better. All I can say is thank you. You have totally rocked my world.” Tammy

“Since taking this course I have seriously felt a whole new sense of empowerment. I have felt lost for many years like I didn’t know what my purpose was and now I have determined that my purpose is to find my core being and my beliefs, because if I am not satisfied and happy then how can I truly raise my children to be confident and self aware? Thank you so much. I really feel as if I have found a breakthrough in my life. This is what I have needed for years and now I feel that I am on the right track to my overall destiny, whatever it may be.” Carey

“I thought the Dream Interpretation was profound and the Totem Animal was cool. I found little pieces of gold during our conversations and the Morning Pages was a new and great tool. Just attending this class helped me gain confidence by being open and experiential, and the Gratitude List & Intentions was also a great tool.” Nate

“This entire journey has been incredible! I absolutely LOVE the chocolate meditation and I will continue to spoil myself with it! Everything has been “frick’n wicked”!! Every day I feel more and more powerful and enlightened. I am so grateful and blessed to have been a part of the wickedest group that this universe has ever known! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have inspired me beyond belief. Your passion and excitement is infectious!” Krista

“As with the DIVA I & II, the timing was “when I most needed it.” - both literally and physically-and metaphysically too!! Having the one-on-one focus and time was essential to enable me to explore my thoughts, my aspirations, my dreams and what is holding me back from realizing them. Mandy knows how to reach right into your soul and get you to take a long, hard look at what’s there - the good, the bad, the hopes, fears and dreams - and what’s preventing you from realizing that which your heart most desires. The exercises were great in drawing out my dreams and to verbalizing, to committing to paper, that which I want to pursue. They made me realize that the only thing stopping me from making it happen is my own resistance and self-doubts. Having each week begin with the heart stone and “checking in” brings you to the moment and grounds you in what needs to be focused on for the next 2 hours. Each week built upon the other and I liked the flow and energy of them. Thank you Mandy! I will miss our weekly one-on-one time but you’ve helped me open my cocoon to set the beautiful butterfly within free to explore the world!” Lots of love, Valerie

“The biggest thing I experienced from this class was becoming more self aware of what I was really thinking and feeling. I can honestly say I am much happier about myself today then I was 4 weeks ago.” Joe

“I feel I am more confident. I believe I am a beautiful woman inside and out and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and will demand to be treated with dignity and respect. I am more in tune with my inner self and am on my way to dealing with the toxic people in my life. I am on the path and am definitely working towards it.” Marsha

“Thank you for coming today to do this awesome DIVA DAY. It made me laugh and made me cry but most importantly you helped me realize what’s important and what direction I need to take in life. My life isn’t right unless my son is in it and I’ve been losing sight of what the big picture is and that is time with my child, being with him when he wakes up and goes to sleep. You really do seem like a genuine person and you will get all things you deserve for all the amazing/kind work that you do. You help people realize their worth and helped me get on track with life and what’s important. Thank you again.” Ashley & Myles (we both thank you)

“I loved the Chocolate Meditation (maybe make it a little longer :) Also the Creative Collage-putting our dreams and visions on paper to manifest. It was a gift to share thoughts and ideas with other like-minded DIVAS in a non-judgemental manner. This class gave me more inspiration and determination to make things happen for myself. I really loved the Level 2 DIVA Class! It was so inspiring, motivating, and a very real experience. Being able to have other fellow DIVAS and listen and motivate each other was an enriching experience. I also love the very non-judgmental atmosphere.” Joanna

“I don’t have nightmares as often since I started writing. The collage clarified what I want out of my future for me, too. I really loved the gratitude and intentions lists.” Ashley

“Made me feel happy, encouraged and accepted by all the caring DIVAS! My broken ankle has healed during this course. I was so grateful to get out of the house and into a positive nurturing environment led by Mandy! Everyone has flown to new stages of their life. And Diva Level 2 was awesome as well! Mandy continues to be a wonderful host and devoted instructor! How beautifully it all came together! Surprising insights led us all to eagerly await the future! Everything flowed together at a natural pace and I loved the connections with the women and the new ideas we all offer each other. The Tarot Readings with Melanie was a pleasure and resonated uniquely with each of us. And the tuna’s good too! haha! I’ll still be here for DIVA LEVEL 3000-The Supreme Team!” Kristy

“The class is good because you get to know what you’re able to do, what you’re capable of doing.” Sothsay

“I loved the DIVA Level 2 session. It was so inspiring, motivating, and a very real experience. Being able to have other fellow DIVAs and listen and motivate each other was an enriching experience. I also love the very non-judgmental atmosphere.” Joanna

“Mandy, thank you for the beauty of this experience. You shine your light and so show others how to shine too! What can be better than that?” Melanie

“WOW! All I can say about this whole experience is WOW! Mandy and this DIVA class came at a time when I needed it the most. It was like the universe had my back — bringing me the confidence, support I most needed, and infusing me with the self-love I deserve. This whole experience has been a great gift - and I have a new-found confidence, new-found hope, and some fabulous new-found friends because of it. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of self-healing, honest self-reflection, and re-evaluation. Thanks to Mandy for bringing me this awesome gift xo” Anna

“My intention going into this course was simply to feel light again, good again, whole again. I really enjoyed the variety and different subjects that were in the course, as well as Mandy’s knowledge of them including Native teachings, the Dream Analysis, etc. It was amazing how much I had discounted where I was and all I had done prior to coming here. The universe has presented me with a delicate balance of honouring who I am and balancing that with the needs of those I care about most. The collage was especially fun. It challenged me to stop planning and controlling the outcome and let it build itself. I had the awareness that these seemingly disjointed things that are never enough actually fit perfectly together to build something you never could have expected. My Level 2 class was incredibly unique. Not the standard program but I loved the flexibility of how the program met me where I was at and allowed for me to continue processing the things that were foremost in my reality. What I loved best about it was Mandy’s constant yet gentle way of reminding me that there is a bigger plan and purpose and that my agenda and decision on what’s important may be putting a cap on my potential and flow. It’s a reminder of what I already knew to be true, that there are messages everywhere if we just listen and that everything has its own perfect timing and that a clearing of the weeds is not just necessary, but critical. I can’t wait for my DIVA Date where I can take my new favourite person out for the night of a lifetime!” Erica

“I have changed by realizing that I need to do more stuff for myself to make me happier and in turn make my life happier. I have not stepped up for myself and have let people walk all over me and that has been changed this week!” Kathy

“Every day I feel more and more powerful and enlightened. I am so grateful and blessed to have been a part of the wickedest group that this universe has ever known! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have inspired me beyond belief. Your passion and excitement is infectious!” Krista

“I came to the GOD class looking for a different perspective on a personal situation and I got it. The Dream Interpretation changed my whole perspective on a dream I had felt sad about because it wasn’t real. Now I can move on with my life. Thanks.” Steve

“This experience has changed my life and has taught me how to love myself and how to be a better mom. You have an amazing aura that I love.” Mandy M

“As a result of taking this class I have experienced huge differences. I’ve seen my husband in a different light. He has become (in my new eyes) loving, understanding and giving (not that he wasn’t before). I have realized I am not happy with my current job and need a new one. I realized my daughter needs my love and support, more now than ever before. And, I am transforming within, without any outside help. I highly recommend the course. Mandy is amazing! Her positive energy and outlook on life is infectious. I am really looking forward to delving deeper into myself in Level 2 Diva Class. Thanks Mandy. You ROCK!” Rhonda

“I loved the comradary and friendships I’ve built. Having the LEVEL 1 & LEVEL 2 DIVA CLASS back to back was AWESOME! I really enjoyed the extra week so we could celebrate my birthday, because my birthday is THE best day in the world because it’s the day “I” was born, and to celebrate it with my DIVA sisters made it complete. I absolutely loved the smudging that Danielle did for me. It was amazing and uplifting and beneficial to my healing process. I loved all the activities but most of all, my “letter” (voice recording) to myself in the future. Until that time I just did not realize how much I mean to myself. I would not change anything about this class because the class flowed with what we needed at the time. This class was a very powerful healing tool. But I have to say that the bestest of the best was spending each class with our very own honorary ‘GOD’, Mr. Joey the cat. He brought positive and loving energy to the class week after week. Mandy, my dear, my Rock, my DIVA Extraordinaire, my life line to the Universe…I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you from the very depth of my soul. Love always, DIVA Rhonda” Rhonda

“For me, DIVA class was not an option but a must-have. I needed to find myself as a whole individual not someone’s Mother, Daughter, Sister or Friend. I needed me. I needed to learn how to love me. All about reconnecting with my spirit, it was like someone turned the light on in my soul. Shining from the inside out. I found strength that I had forgotten, the strength to let the tears flow. Shed the anger that I was carrying. To laugh until it hurt. I found pride within myself and for the things that I do from day to day. The cherished hugs I now look forward to. This is a second chance at a great life that is waiting to be discovered. It’s been 6 months since I took my DIVA class and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use something from what I learned in Mandy’s sacred classes. It’s now become a way of life. Positive out positive in the Universe will have my back, and I have a new cherished friendship. I am so excited to share all I’ve learned with my daughter Kennedy-Rose who will soon take DIVA classes herself. My heart sings again ♥” Sabrina

“I just had a great time! It was a very comfortable feeling in the class. I gave myself permission to not allow people in my life who treat me poorly and not feel guilty about it. I appreciate the people who appreciate me.” Miranda

“This class helped to propel me towards taking action to persue my dreams instead of just dreaming about “one day”. Through the work and the support of the women, I have started to believe that I am enough just as I am and I don’t have to wait until I am older or wiser or richer or more established to shine. I can shine right now. Mandy has inspired me, the women in the group have inspired me, and I have inspired myself.” Ange

“I had an amazing experience with Mandy. She is full of great ideas and knows how to make anybody comfortable. I would definitely recommend this to any guy that would like to get in touch with himself. After leaving every class I had a sense of calm and was focused on what I had and wanted to do, everything was just that much clearer to me. I feel enlightened, like my eyes have been opened up to a whole new way of life now. And I have Mandy to thank for that.” Anthony

“The ‘Life In Two Lists’ I found helped me put things in better perspective and the ‘Bitch List’ is a tool I will continue to use. It truly helps to see the issues written out on paper. It shows just how much something is bothering you and you may not have realized. Also the lists (both ‘Life’ and ‘Bitch List’) give a point of where to move forward and the path you don’t want so the one you do is that much clearer. The butterfly exercise was very fun and uplifting. The evolution of myself and that I can see in my fellow DIVAS is simply put: extraordinary. Writing to myself from the future truly created the absolute clarity of my new life path and started the ball rolling towards it. I have found all that I was seeking and so much more. I discovered in myself the carefree, joyous, silly and outrageous self I have always wanted but never felt was there. I have also gained beautiful new friendships. Being with these ladies amazing women for not only LEVEL 1 but also LEVEL 2 and doing them back to back has made me feel very close to them and the beauty of healing together. I know we will stay in touch after this experience and I feel blessed to have them along with the fantastic Miss Mandy in my life.” Danielle

“I realized that there is no limit. I realized that the course in life I was taking isn’t what I really want to do. I realized how strong of a woman I really am, and love it! I learned to be open a little more. My favourite parts of the class were learning about others and myself, becoming more open with my emotions, the Dream Interpretation and Sacred Heart Sharing.” Jolene

“This Diva class has been exceptional for me. In these last few weeks I have never been so confident and self-assured! Mandy is a gift for all women to realize their true potential and utilize their inherent, natural gifts. This has aided me on my healing journey. To be in a safe environment, where you can just be who you are, and learn even more about yourself and to know that unconditional love is right next to you…all Divas need this.” Sarah

“This experience has been an absolute blessing. How powerful it is for a group of women to gather and breathe, feel and share together. I learned that sometimes you have to remind yourself of how wonderful you are and those around you are. It’s easy to forget how lucky you are to be a woman. I am truly grateful.” Christal

“These classes made me feel safe enough to share my innermost thoughts and feelings and know that I am more than a regretful, depressed insomniac :) I feel flourished and more alive and willing to face my journey head on.” Jenn

“Love, love, loved it. I’m a new me thanks to Mandy. I am a happier and more positive person and look forward to what each day will bring. Totally loving life again!” Natalie

“I love what you’re doing here Mandy! You helped me probably more than you know in sorting through my Mike stuff. It’s a great class! YAY! I LOVE the Hot Diva Points! SO FUN! And important! I totally believe in taking time for myself. Keeps me sane :) The Dream Interpretation could be a longer class. I’m thinking slumber party…jammies, junk food and dream talk.” Sylvie

“I was having issues really letting go of me ex. It was like he had power over me. I had never felt that way before. When I started this class, I took control of my life again. Nobody has power over you but you. So I erased his pin # from my phone, erased him from Facebook, and I do not answer his calls no more. When I see him out I avoid him and if and when he offers to buy me a drink I look him in his eyes and say no thank-you, and I move on. I would have to say the collage was my favourite part of the class. When we first started this class we started out shy and by the end we were sharing the collages and I seen us grow. It’s very exciting! I didn’t think at first I needed or wanted to come to LEVEL 2 but I came and enjoyed every bit of this class with my same DIVAS from DIVA CLASS LEVEL 1. Rhonda and Danielle-Love ya ladies! I know I am a strong person and this class has shown me how much more strong I really am. Miss Mandy, there is nothing I wouold change about your DIVA CLASSES. You are an inspiration to all your DIVAS that enter your class. I want to thank you for letting me be a part of your world. It makes me smile and I love my world extremely.” :) Thank-you Miss Diva Mandy xoxo” Carmel

“The universe brought the teacher to me when I was ready to learn.” Timo

“I loved the Level 1 Diva class. I wouldn’t change a thing ! I loved the sharing sessions, the dream class and making the Diva collage. The entire course has helped me to feel more clear in my choices and where I want to go to realize my authentic self. I can’t wait to take Level 2 :)” Sheena

“Both levels of this class have been about change. Let’s just say that after 8 weeks my life has changed for the better. My initial intention at the beginning of Level 2 was to quit my job by the time the 4 weeks was finished. Well…I didn’t quit my job but I will before the end of this year. I have a very good feeling. However, I did let go of a relationship with someone I love but realized I am not in love with anymore. And I met my soulmate! It’s crazy wonderful how one life-changing thing can set a chain of events in motion and you are never the same again and neither is your life. All of it POSITIVE. In the Level 2 course I felt there were so many good exercises regarding change. The addition of new information Mandy provided from another book helped a lot. I loved ‘The Dream List’ and it’s counterpart ‘The Bitch List’-lol. And I double-loved the ‘100 Accomplishments You Wish For in Your Life’. I add one to that list daily. I feel both courses have helped so much. I write daily and do gratitude and intention lists as much as I can. ’ I would recommend this course to anybody-man or woman-who is searching. Anybody who is wondering, ‘is this truly it?’. Anybody who feels that life is passing them by and anybody who loves, embraces and will accept CHANGE.” Sheena

“I realized that it’s okay to be me and want what I want. The journaling helped me to realize the uselessness of the conversations in my head. I’m better than that!” Gabrielle

“Holy crap! I loved it. Things are changing.” Heather

“I don’t have nightmares as often since I started writing. Also, the daily tally of the Hot DIVA Points has really made a difference in that I am doing more things that make me happy. The collage clarified what I want out of my future for me, too! I really loved the gratitude and intentions lists, and the Hot Diva Points-they really outlined what I’ve been feeling, needing and dreaming of inside.” Ashley

“I experienced so many changes/insights I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Like taking/forcing myself to evaluate where I am today and what exactly I am looking to do. This 4 weeks has changed so many viewpoints it is silly really. Thanks chica :)” April

“I have a better understanding of myself and am being more positive :)” Ivy

“Mandy, you have touched our souls like an immaculate angel. You are a wonderful, kindred spirit who shines through each beautiful DIVA. You are a gift to others. Some have a gift for helping others to see the world as a place of possibility. Some impart wisdom or comfort or care. Some point out the path, and some take you there. Some warm the heart with a human touch. You have all these gifts. Now I look at things differently. I try to find the beautiness in what is around me. I understanding who I am and what my purpose in this universe is. Thank you so much. Much love.” Erin

“What I learned about me: I find that the main thing that I learned about myself is that, I still have yet to figure out who my true self really is. The reason I say this is because I had thought that after years of learning about me, and figuring out where exactly I am in my life, I am still not sure. However, this group has helped me figure where I stand mentally/emotionally, and now I know a few different ways of learning how to understand who I really am, and what I am capable of doing. I do hope that I can get my life sorted out soon. And I know that if I needed the extra help with that, then I know who I can turn to.” Cassy

“I’ve noticed that I’m more analytical and in tune with myself.” Candice

“The Diva Class has been a fun, lively and beautiful journey of rediscovery of my core self and letting her out to the world, with no fear. The connections with the ladies in the class is truly unique and beautiful. Everyone should have people in their lives they can trust, be totally open with, laugh with-just have absolute joy with together.” Sally

“I was searching for something in my life, something I was not quite sure of at the time. I was searching for an understanding. I was searching for a new path to get to the destination I had planned. The Diva class not only helped me find all that I was looking for but so much more! It gave me freedom, love, understanding, a sense of self worth and new friendships I will cherish forever! It was so beneficial to be able to meet with people (who become more than just friends) and share so much with them and have someone to accept you and support you! From mediations, discussions, collages to dream classes I loved every minute of it! The dream class helped me understand myself and pay more attention to what my thoughts are trying to tell me. We so often blow off dreams when really, however silly or frightning they may be they are only us telling us to listen! We are already so aware of so much and we have so much power, it sometimes just takes a little extra help to make us truly aware of that. This class has changed me in so many ways, and for that I am extremely thankful! I cannot wait to take level 2 :)” Jenna

“This course was reinforcement that I am on the right path, but still a great journey ahead. Yee Haw!!!” Bonny

“This class and the experience within it have allowed the woman within me to grow, blossom and articulate my innermost dreams, desires and goals, and have motivated me to pursue all that I am. The simple, familiar and insightful projects used throughout the class have guided my thoughts and dreams far enough that they are beginning to manifest before my eyes already. I am very grateful.” Laura

“Well it was fabulous. It was wonderful to rejoin my lovely Divas. We will one day walk the Red Carpet! Level 2 definitely stirred change in my life. I know exactly what I want and I plan to make it happen. Making lists such as ‘The Bitch List’ and what’s working and not working in my life really helped me to put things into perspective. Making the list of what I want to achieve really showed me what’s important and what I’m going to accomplish! The Native Card reading really helped to show me what is going on in my life right now which I need to know. Things I was ignoring or leaving on the back burner appeared and I realized it’s best to deal with them. The universe wants me to. Writing the letter to myself gave me a sense of freedom. I felt light, as if anything is possible (which it is). It was fun and great to think of it happening. I had a blast and I cannot wait to take Level 3. I can’t wait to explore myself some more! Thank you!” Jenna

“The changes in me may not be visible, but Mandy you changed my way of thinking about myself. With each workshop I grew more, opened more, saw the me I can be. You’re energy is infectious. I love my time in the class. It built my confidence. I finally found a way to be me. Thank you is not enough.” Averil

“As always Mandy, the course came at the right time. Thinking about what I really want, and need, in my life was what I got most from this class. Thank you! You are such an open, giving and non-judgmental soul. You have truly found your calling. Thank you for giving me the kick in the pants I needed. There is order in chaos and even though the course was unstructured, it had a flow and purpose to it that resonated with Judith and I. I liked having the Bitch List as it made my note of each of the things and then strive to be rid of them. I accomplished more off that darn list in one month than in the rest of the year! Having the tarot reading on the final class was a perfect end to the course. I know I will be in Level 3 soon and that the spirits will tell us when that time will be!” Valerie

“Your energy and faith in life are inspiring and irreplaceable. ”You are in one word, infectious. Your energy and faith in life are inspiring and irreplaceable. Thank you for doing what you do best! See you on Oprah!” Christine

“The Creative Collage and Juicy Journaling taught me so much about myself. The potluck feast and all our open talks has done so much healing. I gained the ability to trust that people can be good and trustworthy and I realize now that I am a strong, intelligent woman with a knowledge base that will get me through anything.” Bridget

“I have learned to celebrate my victories and be proud of who I am and where I am in my life. I’ve been reminded of how great it feels to look at everyday with a glass ½ full perspective. I have loved every second of this class and the women that participated through Monica Ainslie Place (MAP) have embraced their inner DIVAs. Thank you Mandy.” Carmen

“I experienced the ability to rebel and conform at the same time in the classes, in my own creative way. It reminded me that I am who I am and that’s okay. I knew this; yet forgot, and the exercises brought this back to remembrance. I have been challenged, and feel victorious in celebrating being just me and following my passion and knowing it is the path I must take, and walk in peace. My favourite part of the class was getting to know people I have never met before and becoming “family” with them for the month and hopefully “friends” with them forever. Hugs…me! :)” Janet

“The DIVA experience for me was unquestionably something that I needed and came at the perfect time in my life. Mandy helped to awaken my spiritual self, regain the strength that I forgot I had, empower myself as a woman, and remind me of my inner beauty!!! AND Who doesn’t want that ??? I really feel it was meant to be. We were a perfect reflection for each other to see! It was almost as if the Universe itself had lifted me up and set me down in her beautiful, warm, and accepting home. I highly recommend The DIVA Class to ALL women!!! It has inspired me to go forward in Learning the Gift of Energy Healing!! With her infinite amount of positive, loving, and openness, she reminds you how to reconnect with what is already inside each and everyone of us! Mandy you are undoubtedly the most inspiring, motivating, and confident Being I have ever met and then some!!! My Creativity was lifted through the Creative Collage. It was SO SO FUN! And the Dream Interpretation class was extremely EYE OPENING to say the least!!! Mandy you have touched my soul, and so many others. And I will never be the same. And for that I am Grateful!! It is indeed a Gift that you have !!! Thank You for what you do!!” Tricia

“Morning Pages are very useful. They led me to spill out junk that has been rotting for a long time. I made connections with beautiful women in my hometown. I grew closer to Mandy and glimpsed more of her beauty, and her light inspired me. It was a safe, cozy place to share, a cleansing experience; women gathering to simply share, grow and learn.” Laurie

“I see a lot of great inner changes as a result of learning about myself because of the class. The changes and improvements happened because I desired them and had the initiative, but I got that from being a part of this class. I enjoyed our discussions, especially when you further explained new and positive modes of thinking. I like how you set a perfect example for anyone you talk to. I have more strength, optimism, awareness, positivity and confidence than I’ve ever had (and I know what it’s like to have high negative amounts of all of those), so thank you!” Todd

“I really, really, really enjoyed DIVA LEVEL 2. I loved the interaction with like-minded women. I loved the Tarot Readings. It was really fun. Greatest 2 days spent!” Glenna

“I loved it!!! DIVA class was really the best gift I could give myself. It was really fun coming to Mandy’s each week and be treated to yummy food, deep conversation and spiritual wisdom. I felt comfortable expressing myself and I felt supported and understood. Mandy helped me take my problems and negativity and look at them in positive ways. The class really helped me regain trust in the Universe and was a great push-off point to start on a journey of self discovery and self care. The DIVA class helped me identify and express what I really want in life, and gave me inspiration and motivation to pursue my dreams. I also realized that my dreams are closer and more realistic than I previously imagined. Most of all I have learned that everything happens for a reason, and that the Universe has the best intentions for us, especially if we treat ourselves like DIVAS! I am so grateful I had the opportunity to take the class when I did!! I am inspired to keep giving myself gifts of self empowerment and looking forward to level 2 and 3 in the future.” Tuula

“The aspects I learned from this class was be yourself with beauty you have. Don’t be shy. Don’t hide. Love yourself before you love anyone else. Put yourself first always.” Maria

“My DIVA experience was unlike any other. I felt I was in the right place from the beginning. It IS like a cocoon. A safe environment where you are not judged, which is hard to find. Being able to share whatever you might be feeling. I enjoyed the Sacred Heart Sharing and the Creative Collage. I was surprised at how much I learned about myself by participating in that!!! Very cool!! I feel that I now walk around with wider eyes. I realize that it is so easy to get caught up in the everyday “non essentials” I have a negativity filter in me now. I see it coming and don’t want to be part of it. I feel grateful for that!!! I am so glad that I did this. Mandy you truly are a gem and are making the world a better place one group at a time:) Lots of love and thanks again.” Bonnie

“The Dream Interpretation really opened my eyes and I really liked writing my ‘Future’ letter. As a result of taking this class I want to be better. Now when I’m faced with stressful situations I try to remember that these are useful challenges and opportunities for improvement. Life is full of opportunities to make it better, now I can see that. Thank you for everything.” Bassem

“Dear Mandy, Thank you so much for doing these groups with us, I had a lot of fun. I am already a bit of a “DIVA” myself, but it never ever hurts to be reminded of that, or how strong I am. I liked making connections from my sub-conscious to my conscious state – it’s really cool to see them working together so well. I admire what you do, the way you think and how far you have come. You are another example that we can do anything we put our minds to.” Meagan

“I knew the first moment I read one of Mandy’s affirmations it touch me in a way that only my soul knew it needed and wanted more of. I knew I had to contact her!! You know that feeling of not knowing someone but feeling like you have known them before, that’s how I felt with Mandy. I could feel what she knew would help me along my road where my life is at this time. I have to say that when she open her door and I first saw her it’s like my soul danced with delight two souls that were to meet in this lifetime have finally met… again to exchange energy, tools and knowledge and love. Mandy gave me a boost of pure love that I needed. Her knowledge gave me more confidence to walk my road how I want for the rest of my days :) I really can’t key on one of the lessons we shared together because the whole Experience has given me a fabulous new approach on my life. I will say I truly enjoyed the Animal Teachings and the insight that it has given me, I truly am a Dove! I’m gonna walk my road now with more of a skip now…My Smile is for sure much bigger than before :) :)…My mind is so light and full of dazzle n’ delight. I am so very grateful to *Mandy*. She is a Beautiful soul one of the most kickass Diva Delicious Sweetheart I have ever met! I ♥ her :) Thank you Mandy from the bottom of my Heart ♥ (Your Hottie Always) Julie