(EPUB) 'Your Words Kept Me Alive': More From P&B


(EPUB) 'Your Words Kept Me Alive': More From P&B


Following their delicious literary love affair in ‘The Poet & The Butterfly: An Intimate Dialogue’ (available in Paperback, Signed Paperback, PDF and EPUB), Mandy and Keveen continue their intimate dialogue through email.

In ‘Your Words Kept Me Alive’, Mandy finally receives the letter she’d been anxiously awaiting from her beloved poet and then confides in him about her depression for the first time. She lets Keveen know that it was his words and her love for him that kept her alive that summer.

An excerpt from the correspondence dated October 18, 2007:

“In your letter you mentioned an email I had sent, and how I didn't seem as passionate as I once was. That was my whole summer. I mentioned to you briefly about a dark period. It was depression. Here I go crying again...hold on. Keveen, I was at the lowest spot I had ever been. Contemplated ending it all, that's how bad it got. I wrote 4 emails to you during that time that I never sent because I didn't want to burden you. You are such a happy fellow. Those emails I did not send were the most honest emails I had ever written. I cried during all of them, I had so much to express, and I felt you were the one (and only) being that understood me. But I was so broken and vulnerable that I couldn't risk being so real, in case you didn't care.”

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