(EPUB) 'What Comes After?': More From P&B


(EPUB) 'What Comes After?': More From P&B


Following their delicious literary love affair in ‘The Poet & The Butterfly: An Intimate Dialogue’ (available in Paperback, Signed Paperback, PDF and EPUB), Mandy and Keveen continue their intimate dialogue through email.

In ‘What Comes After’, Mandy finally finds the scent of her beloved poet at a local perfume shop and ends up in tears at the counter as a result. She becomes overwhelmed with the memories of the most transformative time of her life, and ponders what could possibly top the highest point while speaking right from the heart, like she always does.

An excerpt from the correspondence dated February 24, 2008:

“And as I cried and spoke to you and spoke to God, I wondered if I am destined to live merely with the scent and the memory of the man I adored. Is it not some cruel fate that I should be given a glimpse of heaven and not be able to return to it but through words we had written in the dark? I know not how to get you out of my system, or why after giving you all of me I have yet to fully penetrate yours. I curse God and not you, however, for the depth of the soul who cannot help but pour herself into your beautiful vase.”

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