(EPUB) 'Poets Have Always Been Prophets': More From P&B


(EPUB) 'Poets Have Always Been Prophets': More From P&B


Following their delicious literary love affair in ‘The Poet & The Butterfly: An Intimate Dialogue’ (available in Paperback, Signed Paperback, PDF and EPUB), Mandy and Keveen continue their intimate dialogue through email.

In ‘Poets Have Always Been Prophets’, Keveen describes his experience of Mandy and what he discovered about her through their connection, as well as the reasons he deems her the Canadian Amelie Poulain.

An excerpt from the correspondence dated June 24, 2007:

“Every letter I type on my computer is a kiss I delicately offer to her. I make spelling mistakes, as I still don’t know how to love her, to kiss her. My words are still awkward, timid, and yet I want every sound to fully penetrate her, as I wish I could penetrate her; enter into her own little bubble. That very narrow place where she has elected herself Queen. She is the egg and I am the spermatozoide. No need to knock! The road allowed us to meet. She broke open her solid bubble that she had closed to so many others...those who knocked and begged. Alas, in their haste, they did not listen to her. They thought she needed to be impressed by their malehood, their promises of long lusty nights, hairy chests and enlarged muscles, good smells and paper money. She could not care less. A queen needs to be praised for what she really is. One must touch her deep inside.”

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