(Signed Paperback) The Poet & The Butterfly

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(Signed Paperback) The Poet & The Butterfly


The 10 Year Anniversary Edition of The Poet & The Butterfly begs to be consumed in one delicious gulp.

Filled with humour, bravery, tenderness and love, with juicy slices of eroticism enveloping this real life fairytale, The Poet & The Butterfly is a whimsical story like no other, ready to transport you into a mystical, magical, poetical realm.

In this soulful piece, you will find the authentic and vulnerable online dialogue between a wild French poet and a beautiful Canadian writer as they embark on an exquisite literary dance for two, long before social media, cell phones and instant messaging took over.

If you're ready to be transformed by the little book of love that Echo Weekly described as "A modern classic. Poignant and poetic, eloquent and erotic.", the same one that Rogers Television deemed "A very brave book.", click the PURCHASE link below to enter our sacred love story.

If you’re not yet convinced this intimate piece of work will increase your heart rate and expand your heart, you can read oodles of incredible reviews right here.

P.S. Once you have devoured The Poet & The Butterfly, be sure to explore Mandy & Keveen’s additional emails over the following year for a deeper look into their unique connection.

  • Your Words Kept Me Alive (PDF + EPUB)

  • Maybe You Were Just Being A Poet (PDF + EPUB)

  • Poets Have Always Been Prophets (PDF + EPUB)

  • Keveen Gabet Changed My Life (PDF + EPUB)

  • What Comes After? (PDF + EPUB)

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