(Pre-Order) Transform Like A Boss | Level 1: Your 14-Day Kickstart To Your Next Amazing Chapter

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(Pre-Order) Transform Like A Boss | Level 1: Your 14-Day Kickstart To Your Next Amazing Chapter

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Save $50 when you pre-order ‘Transform Like A Boss | Level 1: Your 14-Day Kickstart To Your Next Amazing Chapter’, being released fall 2019, and save even more when you pre-order both Level 1 + Level 2 at the same time. Get the best deal here.

If you’re ready for the best chapter of your life, this course is for you. The following Transformation Tools are ones I have used along my personal path of transformation over the years, and they will basically give you superpowers as you prepare for your next great adventure.

“I see a lot of great inner changes as a result of learning about myself because of the course. The changes and improvements happened because I desired them and had the initiative, but I got that from being a part of this course. I have more strength, optimism, awareness, positivity and confidence than I’ve ever had (and I know what it’s like to have high negative amounts of all of those), so thank you!” Todd Donald

“I experienced so many changes/insights I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Like taking/forcing myself to evaluate where I am today and what exactly I am looking to do. This has changed so many viewpoints it is silly really.” April McWaters

In this course you will receive one email a day for 14 days that will include a video on each of the subjects below related to personal transformation. A PDF and an MP3 of each day’s content will also be included so that you can choose how you’d like to learn that day.

You will also have the option to explore the entire course immediately, and to do the content in any order or at any speed that you choose. You will have 24/7/365 access to the material.

If you would like to read some wonderful testimonials from those who have taken my classes, you can do that here.


  1. GRATITUDE: You hear about it all the time but do you actively practise Gratitude daily? Focusing on the goodness and beauty around us literally changes our frequency and our lives and keeps unhappiness at bay.

  2. DAILY PAGES: Our minds need the same daily release that our bodies do, and Daily Pages are the perfect way to “poop” your toxic, incessant and scattered thoughts.

  3. MORNING MASTERY: How you start your day affects every hour that follows, so creating a custom and sacred morning practice for yourself is one of the smartest things you can do to improve the quality of not only your day, but your entire life.

  4. SELF DISCOVERY: The world abounds with incredible self-discovery tools and I’m going to share my top 5 with you so that you, too, can benefit from them as much as I did.

  5. SACRED TIME BLOCKS: Allotting a period of time each day, and an entire day each week (you can even start with ½ a day), that is free from the many distractions we face in our modern culture, is the key to recharging and living deliberately while remaining aligned to our true self and our ultimate purpose.

  6. ALIGNED AFFIRMATIONS: Unless you’re energetically aligned with the words you’re thinking and saying, the affirmations you think and speak have no power and can even make you feel worse than before you started using them. When you align first and express the ultimate truth second, your super-charged affirmations will work like a boss.

  7. PRAISE: The ability to give and receive genuine praise opens up a world of abundance and keeps us connected to the flow. Even more so when we learn how to praise ourselves like we would a child or a best friend.

  8. CONSCIOUS CONSUMPTION: Being mindful of what we choose to consume each day (be it foods, people’s energies, social media, our own thoughts, etc), is essential for our health, well-being and overall energy. We do get to choose, my friend, so let’s make sure we’re choosing well.

  9. AN INTUITIVE VISION BOARD: Gone are the days of trying to manifest physical things by simply gluing pictures of them onto some bristol board. Getting clear on how we want to feel and what resonates the most with our soul FIRST, is where it’s at. When that part is clear, your vision board will embody the essence and feeling of what you’re ultimately after; not just the external manifestation of what you think will make you happy once you have it.

  10. NAPITATION: I promise this will be fun. Whatever you’ve heard, assumed or tried when it comes to meditation, set it aside so you can explore something new. It’s never too late to become a gangsta napper.

  11. THE BITCH LIST: Every unfinished task in your life, career and home takes up space in your mind and body. The Bitch List is the perfect solution for all those things that fill your mind, overwhelm your spirit or irritate the heck out of you.

  12. ORDER: When we remove the excess and create order in each area of our life, we free up tons of energetic space for more clarity and abundance to flow directly to us. And boy oh boy, do I have some great tips for you!

  13. INTEGRATION: How can you best apply and maintain all that you’ve learned in this course? I’m about to show you.

  14. AN EXCLUSIVE CELEBRATION: Every single step you take towards the life of your dreams deserves to be celebrated, and completing this course is an amazing leap towards your future! Therefore, it must be marked in a significant way and I have a ton of great ideas on how to do just that.

*Subject titles may change between now and the release date but the content will remain the same.

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