(Free EPUB) 'Keveen Gabet Changed My Life': Excerpt From P&B


(Free EPUB) 'Keveen Gabet Changed My Life': Excerpt From P&B


This free gift is a sweet taste and the first chapter of The Poet & The Butterfly.

Following their delicious literary love affair in ‘The Poet & The Butterfly: An Intimate Dialogue’ (available in Paperback, Signed Paperback, PDF and EPUB), Mandy and Keveen continue their intimate dialogue through email.

In ‘Keveen Gabet Changed My Life’, Mandy praises Keveen for all that he is while also pointing out the limits of their connection, and she does this by speaking right from the heart, like she always does.

An excerpt from the correspondence dated June 26, 2007:

“I felt that I had been preparing myself for him, this master of words, this being that was life and love personified. I did not see him as a mere mortal. How could I? He was the one I dreamt into being. The one I wrote of with precise detail. The first and only one I regarded as my equal. Keveen was the love of my life. He still is. I fell in love with him through his words, or rather, the being that poured through them. I have read his email at least 15 times today, absorbing the lines, the love, the words he chose in honour of me. I suppose he has shown up, in a way. Not fully, but beautifully. Not on time, but nonetheless. He is brave for sending me so much, yet a coward for coming through the back door. He has yet to face me.”

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