Heart2Heart ($25 hr)


Heart to hearts with my beloveds are one of my favourite things ever.

For years people have come to me for emotional support, life guidance and/or a swift tell-it-like-it-is, whether by phone, online, in person or through my GOD & DIVA classes.

People who felt stuck or scared, lost and alone, unsure of what to do next or how they were going to face their next chapter. Things that every one of us have experienced along our journey.

People facing divorce, separation, a break up, job loss, the death of a loved one, or any other transition that life has forced upon them.

People who feel disconnected and hungry for something more. More meaning. More purpose. More energy. More drive. More love. More support. A deeper connection to themselves.

People who have forgotten who they are and can't seem to find their North Star.

People who feel depressed and hopeless and on the razor's edge of life. I've been there a million times myself. It's dark and it's scary as hell. 

You're not meant to go through that alone. 

People who don't have anyone in their life to talk to that they trust. No one to share their sacred story with. No one who understands what they're going through. No one to remind them that they're amazing and that everything will be ok.

I can remind you of the things you have forgotten.

I can help you to see who you really are.

I can listen to your story and show you just how great you've been doing this whole time.

I can offer a safe space for you to explore the next steps.

I can just be there. For you. Because you deserve to be heard and understood. You deserve to feel valued and supported.

You deserve to have a heart friend.

What I won't do is offer advice because I know you have your own answers.

I also won't take responsibility for your healing because only you can do that, and I am not a trained professional. Just a heart friend who wants to help. A heart friend with plenty of experience navigating the darkness.

I can be there for you fully, sweet friend. While we're on the phone or on Skype, you will have my undivided focus and attention as we dance our way back to the centre of who you are.

If this is something that would interest you, email mandy@mandylandrocks.com to set up a time to chat. You will soon be able to book your call right on this site.

Calls or Skype sessions are $25 an hour (even if it is less than an hour) and $50 in person and can be paid ahead of time by PayPal or E-Transfer to mandy@mandylandrocks.com.

I look forward to hearing from you,

With love,

Mandy xo